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IVS Solutions Supplier Diversity Registration System

Supplier Diversity Management

Registration Portals

IVS Solutions develops, implements, and manages custom registration portals.  Potential suppliers are able to register with your company, allowing your designated personnel to track, manage, and correspond with both diverse and non-diverse suppliers as needed.  The portal is hosted on an IVS Solutions server, but accessed through your company’s existing web site and designed to match its style, look, and feel incorporating company logos, color schemes, and appropriate content provided by you.

In addition to standard general information and demographics, you have the ability to request the potential supplier s to provide information that is important to your company operations.  Our system also allows potential suppliers to upload certificates and other documents, such as capability statements and product lists.

Portal Feature Options:

Perform potential vendor searches  including:

  • Supplier Search by Name
  • Browse by Category
  • Search capability allows search by products and services, SIC, and NAIC codes, commodity codes or other supplier demographic criteria
  • Access to available certification information for  diverse suppliers

 Automated email notification with customizable letters for:

  • Varied status’ of vendor registration to potential vendor
  • Notification of new vendor to appropriate supply manager
  • Notification of required action
  • Automated Certification Management (notifications to suppliers of pending expirations)
  • With notification of action required, the portal will provide a link that allows direct access to the page requiring action after user name and password are entered

Report Capabilities:
IVS provides customizable tools with the ability to get a comprehensive view of the supplier base.

  • Reporting by commodities, diversity categories, geographic location and other attributes captured within the portal
  • Exporting all search results to Excel or other formats
  • Operational reports to track supplier profile changes, new supplier registrations, supplier status change, and inactive supplier audits

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