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IVS Solutions Supplier Diversity Registration System

Supplier Diversity Management

IVS Solutions develops, implements and manages custom registration portals.  Potential suppliers are able to register with your company, allowing your designated personnel to track, manage, and correspond with both diverse and non-diverse suppliers as neededClick here to learn more.

Data Enrichment

IVS Solutions consolidates client vendor information extracted from multiple systems, if necessary, and matches it to a database compiled using data from over 170 supplier diversity certification sourcesClick here to learn more.

Supplier Locator

IVS Solutions allows your business to perform a variety of searches on specific criteria and export the results in Microsoft Excel (or other formats as desired).  Click here to learn more.

2nd Tier Data Management

IVS Solutions designs and manages custom web-based collection sites for supplier direct and indirect 2nd tier diverse spend reporting.  Click here to learn more.

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